De ce (mai) exista Underground Timisoara Festival?

15 ani de rezistenta culturala in Timisoara? Pentru ca trebuia sa fim liberi, in schimb avem un rol nesemnificativ intr-o farsa ce n-are rost sa consideram cand a inceput, dar care ne atarna spectatori la grotescul social si politic, pasageri in iluzia unei vieti in care traim bine, consumam mult si devenim oglindirea imaginii din televizor.

O fi spiritul locului (punkistii din Plopi in anii 80, Miscarea Underground din beciul PNT, Proclamatia de la Timisoara, multiculturalitatea, fruncea), sau spiritul timpului, nelinistea unora, setea altora, incapatanarea, insistenta, dar culmea, Underground Timisoara Festival exista.

Pornit in urma cu 15 ani, cu un entuziasm ce friza imposibilul, UGTM a umplut un gol imens in constientul colectiv al tinerilor de toate varstele -- pana la punctul de-a deveni o legenda (de multe ori oamenii iti vor povesti intamplari din vremurile primelor UGTM). Ani de zile, UGTM a cautat sa exprime explicit motivul si mesajul existentei sale. Mesajul s-a extins in tara, si in strainatate. UGTM a ajuns un reper cunoscut in scena independenta europeana.

Dupa o perioada de inertie, neclaritate, nostalgie, UGTM (Reclaim!) a revenit abrupt, acut, idependent, articulat.

De ce (mai) exista Underground Timisoara Festival? 20-21 mai 2011, Pestalozzi 22. Raspunsul iti va sta in fata.

Why is Underground Timisoara Festival still around?

15 years of cultural resistance in Timisoara? Because we were supposed
to be free, yet we have an insignificant role in a farce which we
cannot even trace the beginnings of,  but which hangs us out to dry as
spectators of the social and political grotesque, passengers in the
illusion of a life in which we live well, consume a lot and we become
mirror images of what is seen on TV.

It may be the spirit of the place (punks from Plopi in the 80's, the
Underground Movement in the underground of a building in the 90's, the
Proclamation of Timisoara[*], the multiculturality of Timisoara), or
the spirit of the times, some peoples' restlessness, others' thirst,
stubbornness, but Underground Timisoara Festival is still going

Started 15 years ago, with an enthusiasm that was simply ignoring the
impossible, UGTM filled a huge hole in the collective consciousness of
youth of all ages -- up to the point that it has become a legend (many
times people will tell you stories from the first years of UGTM). For
years, UGTM tried to express explicitly the motive and message of its
existence. This message spread in the country and abroad. UGTM has
become a landmark in the European independent scene.

After a period of inertia, uncertainty, nostalgia and loss of focus,
UGTM (Reclaim!) came back abruptly, acutely, articulately and

Why is Underground Timisoara Festival still around? May 20-21 2011.
Pestalozzi 20. The answer will stare you in the face.

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